Special feature: the true story of Judaism

Special feature: the true story of Judaism
The true story of Judaism: scientific historiography, of the bank seigniorage. Monograph, to care of the prof. Scarola Lorenzo reprinted as long as no profit objective and with the obligation of the: source of the quotation:
1, Introduction:
Seigniorage, that is, for the banking crime criminal usurpation of sovereignty
People: is for some time, That I'm concerned, to the question of the monetary seigniorage: primary and secondary. That I have found there is a vast literature both nationally, internationally That. That is the crux, according to the current system to the European Central Bank, etc ..., also of private ownership of the usual (SpA), is allowed to create money from nothing, only the price of printing! is with this money, That the enlightened, or Jewish bankers, were able to create an invisible empire. the enlightened can buy the securities of State (Bot & CCT, etc. ..) so the state into debt, and indirectly, of consequence, all of us into debt. To normal banks, is also allowed, of the money created from nothing, That is given as credit to the private reserve on the basis of a (fractional) ridiculous. This Money is then requested back: of interest charged. This mechanism criminal, diabolical and perverse is to the base, on the one hand, more and more of the worsening public debt, part of a progressive impoverishment of the community, That whereas, all the money currently in circulation, is charged to the root of a debt unjustified and incurable, as for paying the interest, the money needed, is not yet printed: That this is the door to monetary crunch. In short, everything the banking system, that is the very foundation, the all of our institutions? This is a crime: absolute and total! I feel terrible, this phenomenon, for the enormous damage, That it is creating, at national and international economy to, But still more serious is the fact That no one talked about. What do you think? Seigniorage and bank fraud - Forums of: http://www.Finanzaonline.com
2 nd introduction:
Seigniorage, banking, or crime and criminal usurpation of popular sovereignty:
We are facing the more serious of the crime of the entire history of humanity, made by those That have orchestrated behind the fifth of the story, all the tragedies of the last five centuries, polluting, manipulating, detecting and killing, not only the events policies, But the funds also historical & scientific, corrupting every form of scientific research and historiography, through the arrogant absolute power: financial, media, political and institutional. Since the private owners of the IMF, have the monopoly of the policy of 5 centuries, and lately, they have the monopoly of information, through which, guiding the consensus: this is an absolute power corrupts absolutely That the minds of men, the are forced to live in a virtual reality, as they are guided by the manipulators of the agreement .. They are: the enlightened to the base of every war, of every revolution, each of materialist ideology and totalitarianism. In fact, an International Monetary Fund, at the end of its cycle, after the devitalized and impoverished people, has enormous needs of large & destruction: men of property and, for regeneration and for taking on more and more, more control of institutions. That is they distort and pervert every Republican Constitution, in fact, the monetary sovereignty of a people is not assignable: this is represented as an absolute crime, of murder: to the damage of the whole human race. Napoleon That sympathized with the international bankers: Because of the fortune, But his defeat also of the fact, turned their: Against, in recent years of the his government, he said: "When a government is dependent for money from the bankers, the bankers are not the rulers to control the situation, because the hand is That from the top of: That takes the hand of: The money has not home, the bankers are without patriotism and without decency, their goal is the the gain. (Ref. 4) The Federal Reserve is a property private. (Thomas D. Schauf of) 1992
3 rd introduction:
Seigniorage, banking, or crime and criminal usurpation of popular sovereignty:
*** Ironically, we have to move fast, save also for these murders by death, That more deserved death That the sovereign authorities, have disappeared from the planet, sometimes they are more prepared, through the Inquisition, and the many expulsions of Jews, But all failed in its task: for the bland character: too pastoral. But, That, however, have suffered: for them, especially the innocent their countrymen: many many injustices and oppression That they, the Jews, have received, for fault of the enlightened, not succeeding, the authorities almost never, to hit the real culprits. Because of their aberrant crimes are guilty, as the drink the blood of children and for them to meet the demonic rites, That the light: these international Jewish bankers, and they have always followed. The fury of the people, for the more blind overwhelm especially the innocent Jews in all parts of the world (as is always). In fact, the guilty are cleverly disguised, among them the line, for then disappear, vanish if those at the appropriate time. The leaders of the Jewish community, and the rabbis have of course, of enormous guilt: they, too, for having concealed a criminal of such magnitude. Certainly, they deserve the death, to reason of the bank seigniorage, many millions of criminals, of these, the greatest number, are not Jews, But collaborators: Freemasons, politicians, journalists, Satan, etc. .. that is, a customer service worldwide all of the NWO.
*** Unfortunately, that story is always of dramatic of the IMF, That will recur, with the its historical cycles: the destruction of war lies and atrocities. Mankind, blinded by its corrupt politicians and Satanists, will continue to apply, to all the peoples and the Jewish people, the account of so much innocent blood, Holocaust, to date, which is the account of the criminal law and organized fraud of the bank seigniorage? That has not, and hopefully never more should not have, such crimes unprecedented in human history. A story of blood and of hatred, of immoderate excesses and crimes, is the reappearance for the human race, due to the inevitable implosion of the system international banking. (Tax havens, money laundering and seigniorage of Marco Saba - August 19, 2004).
*** But, the suspect, the suspect and more That, That is what the real culprits & criminal, they continue to hide and to get away, as is always successful in
history, and it is this, That has allowed the creation of a dynasty of bankers, occult and invisible monarchy, That pass unscathed through the Millennium, and leaves behind That of if, trails of horror, destruction and death, on which to speculate, and laugh diabolically, as is state of the all too obvious and provable, the massacre of 11 State-September. Their real wealth and power: is the possession and control of the satanic ideology, That aims with great success, to the destruction of the human dignity and of the biblical monotheism, That is the source of all humanism, and not the possession vulgar of money or of property. In fact, these Jews were placed on the world as the gods, they are to possess the absolute power. Cain is as if the jew, a race of "of the vampires," and are made of are the masters of the occult world, you always find the half of the kill Abel jew, and this That, in fact, it perpetuated in history: an implacable hatred between the Babylonian faith (repeated in these "enlightened") and the faith of Abraham - Isaac and Jacob That point of death in 10 children will come to curse on 12 because the historical truth (article below) as always, is always a Bible truth. Since the gifts of God are "irrevocable", they will remain forever, the Jewish people, That is the true story of the clock. For better, for worse, that is, in a ruthless fratricidal history, of satanic Jews, and of Jewish worship of YHWH, in this clash will decide the fate of the human race, while the Christians in complete ignorance, they not know That :
* 1 - because, in Christ, they too were born to Bethlehem;
* 2 - because, in Christ, they too are Jews of the tribe of Judah, and as
such, all Christians are descendants of the gifts of the King David;
* 3 - there will be a mutual approach, progressive and relentless of Jews and Christians, among them of their league, surely, in a single destiny of life or of death.
Biblical story of Abraham, 1800 to.C. :
the Jews, according to the Bible, are descended from Abraham, through a branch family: That is linked to Shem, one of the three sons of Noah.
In the wealth of lower Mesopotamia Terak (Tarah) were huge, we have a detailed list of the riches That Abram received an inheritance from his father Terak (when Was forced to flee from Mesopotamia, probably, to the reason of demonic cults, with adjoining the very ordinary, human sacrifice, That you were making on the Ziggurat, a prototype. That Was the ideology of the tower of Babel, and the more we know: New World Order. This is the reality with which the, Abram went, in irreconcilable conflict, the servants of his many: were nomadic or semi-nomadic, herders of flocks of families were divided into clans, each of which was directed by more senior member. The tribe, of which he was now the young patriarch Abraham, then called by God: Abraham (father of many nations), came from Ur (vicinity of Basra, southern Iraq), and we went up the Euphrates Harann room: hence, Abraham, son of Terah, came to settle near Hebron, in Palestine, around the year 1850 to.C.. The descendants of Abraham, forced by a famine, then went to settle in Egypt, where, initially welcomed as guests, suffered then reduced so tremendous, and subdued, a terrible bondage. That lasted four centuries, But will be freed by Moses and Joshua in the thirteenth or fifteenth century. to.C..
*** The Jews not wander, as is wrongly stated, for a time, in the Sinai peninsula, as it was under the domination of Egypt, But today we know with certainty
That stationed, for all the time in Saudi Arabia of the desert (that has carefully fenced and made inaccessible mountain That Was the theater of the real revelation of the Decalogue), and where he played almost all the episodes of that forty years of forced nomadism, not because the Jews wanted to accede to the wishes of God, That while showing their incredible miracles every day, for keeping alive, in a totally inhospitable, a population of 2 million of people. All this is precisely narrated in the book of Exodus.
*** Moses crossed, with the his people to the lands east of the Red Sea. The Moses led his people to the borders of the land of Canaan, then occupied by small
city-state, always incompatible with the experience of the pure monotheism.
Beginning of the twelfth century monarchy. to.C.
*** The Prophet Samuel secretly anointed King Saul, thus giving rise to the monarchy.
*** Only with David, Was restored the unity of the nation and made even more solid by the occupation of new territories, such as one of the Was Jerusalem: The City That Was the King of Melchizedek, and that is the Mount Moriah, where Abraham Was tempted by God, and where, in Abraham should sacrifice his son Isaac. Jerusalem became the political and religious capital. to the death of Solomon, however, Was the kingdom divided into Israel to the north and Judea to the south. Schism (933), to the end of the kingdom of the north (722), the first deportation of Nebuchadnezzar (598),
*** However, these city-states, and for the people surrounding him were more hostile, and they conceived a mutual hatred, not easily overcome, But above all, the cults were the cause of idolatry, That Was continued until the secret to rise dramatically and violently as a phenomenon of mass (875-853 Ahab married criminally That the Phoenician princess Jezebel, went to the history as the woman more perfidious and cruel), while the same worship of YHWH, they tried to suppress of permanently. But the rights of the true identity of YHWH and Israel were incredibly effective and incredibly defended only by the prophet Elijah Tishbite.
*** Jerusalem will be destroyed under Nebuchadnezzar, and the people, and the treasures of the temple will be transferred to Babylon. VI sec. to.C.
*** The diaspora begins in the sixth century. to.C.: strong first group settled in Mesopotamia, then throughout the ancient East, Greece and to Rome, the community become more numerous than of the Alexandria of Egypt, where even two thirds of the population consists of Jews Was, then almost all massacred by the popular fury.
*** Seen by more noble spirits, But they were more for the look with distrust and opposed by many of this aversion echoed by: Tacitus
Horace, Juvenal, Pliny, Martial and others make up almost a cultural foundation That That will put the foundations for the modern anti-Semitism. (P.89 Giacomo Martina, "The Church in the age of absolutism," ed. Morcelliana). To.C. In 539, however, Cyrus conquered the city and allowed to the deported Jews of
return to their homeland and rebuilding of the temple.
*** Fought in the Hellenistic period and finally conquered by Pompey in 63 to.C. Enjoyed little peace of Jerusalem. 70 to.C. in Palestine: The conquest of Jerusalem to the work of the Romans. Took place during the post for the two decisive events in Jewish history:
* 1 - The death on the cross of Jesus the Nazarene, who was born to Bethlehem, according to the scriptures, and
* 2 - the revolt of the 66 AD, the Zealots fomented by extremists, and ending with Vespasian in 70 AD Which destroyed the nation of Israel and began to the
diaspora more of the long history That will last until the re-establishment of the new to the State of Israel and That, for some respects, still continues.
*** Anti-Semitism [(That is more concerned with the exegesis of the story) from L. Carli, The Jewish question in front of the Vatican Council II, "Gym of the clergy", 44 (1965), pp. 185-203, 465-476; ...)] etc. can be considered essentially a particular aspect of a more extensive phenomenon, the racism That has the real cause human selfishness, and presents with the other manifestations of the racism the same analogy, even if the religious factor exerts a greater influence in this case That in others.
*** It, not only to the Christian world: is clearly visible in the fourth century. to.C., if not before, and extends beyond the Christian area, giving rise to a pagan anti-Semitism, Muslim, rationalist, Marxist, Nazi. the historians are broadly in agreement in identifying the causes of this widespread hostility towards the Jews, But debate on the actual weight, That the various factors exerted in the genesis and development of anti-Semitism (p.89 Giacomo Martina, "the Church in 'age of absolutism, "ed. Morcelliana)
*** For the majority (Poliakov, Simon, etc...) the aversion comes essentially for religious reasons only, and only later more, its height is serious, of socio-economic reasons. But, only for some (Lazare), these are the real cause of anti-Semitism, That only and only at a later time, is seeking a religious justification. (P.89 Giacomo Martina, "the Church in the age of absolutism, ed. Morcelliana)
*** Devoted to more different occupations, the Jews were kept closely joined together and enjoyed the privileges of some of That allowed them to refrain from acts of pagan worship and from work on Saturday (p.89 Giacomo Martina, "the church age absolutism ", ed. Morcelliana). In the tenth century in Palestine:
passed to the of the Fatimids in Egypt and later to the Seljuk Turks, while the new conquerors were fairly tolerant with the Jews, made it difficult the access to the Christians to the holy sites, sometimes persecuting the pilgrims and the indigenous Christians.
*** The Muslims were able to gradually destroy the kingdom of Jerusalem and
the Syrian-Palestine region came under the Mamluks of the Egypt. In XIVsec.
*** Bankers, merchants and sailors of Genovese( of Genoa) had enriched skills and That brought the technology the Iberian Peninsula to become more and more Portugal influential. (P.211 Roberto Finzi Course of History Zanichelli)
In the fourteenth and fifteenth century. In Palestine:
*** He had some immigration of Jews, the expulsion of the Sephardim from
Iberian countries led to a new and more substantial immigration. In the sixteenth if. In Palestine: to the Mamluks of Egypt in the sixteenth century. The Ottomans took over the administration of which, except the period of Suleiman the Magnificent.
- The Fugger
The more important family of merchant-bankers-industial of the second half of the fifteenth century is surely one of the Fugger of Augsburg, But moved from Sweden in 1368. Their main income came from foreign exchange of collections of accounts for third of loans. In 1488 in return of a large loan made to at the Archduke of Austria, received the entire production of the silver of the Tyrol. to the end of the fifteenth century, the Fugger controlled the mines of the silver, of copper, of iron of the Silesia, of the Slovak Republic, of the Bohemia of the Tyrol, Carinthia and of the of the Spanish. Bankers of the Habsburgs, took a great political influence.
Granting or less: of the loans to the sovereign, they were able of influencing the policy of the time. Is the case of Charles V, Emperor: the necessary votes to the election, were bought with money of the Fugger. In 1500 the Fugger had opened, including a branch to Rome. In exchange for loans of the Pope, won the contract of indulgences, in Central and Eastern ... the Cardinals have to stand up in front of him, and all the merchants of the world have called it "inspired". In 1557 Philip II could not: return 1.5 million ducats in 1630 and the total loss for unsatisfied debts: proved by the Habsburgs of 8,000,000 of ducats. (P.265 Roberto Finzi Course of History Zanichelli). These astronomical figures, already foreshadowed, when he still had not been invented the nominal money, of which real power, even if hidden and invisible, behind the facade of the governments could exercise the loan sharks. Power so ambiguous, because it impossible to be truly felt. But a devastating power, real power of life or of death on the people. (The masterpiece will be operated by the Jewish bankers That financing the French Revolution and the Communist cause the destruction of monarchies Catholic, now only defense to the crime in their projects (Prof. Lorenzo Scarola). At the same time stands a new bourgeoisie (XV century). That carefully managed, the financial needs of the monarchy, and the their inability to build a network of efficient collection of taxes.
Charles V, made up for the bankers, to why the huge money, he needed the of its vast empire, through the use of mines of precious metal, both on the European continent on the colonies ... That (Roberto Finzi, Course of History, the Modern Age, Zanichelli p. 258) 1520-1621: The "revolution of the prices" or beat inflation for the first time on the economic life with devastating power. In a single year in the German city of Speyer: the rye increased of 15 times, the peas and the wheat of 13 times;etc.. Inflation is caused:
* 1 - a loss of value of the earnings and fixed annuities, * 2 - a stimulus to investment, of the mercantile middle class, professional and above all financial. The traditional nobility is so threatened by these newcomers, both economically, socially and politically. (P.231 Roberto Finzi Course of History Zanichelli)
*** The explanation found by modern economists, that is, the theory: the quantity of money, That Was named one of the '500 long inflationary, not only leaves many doubts, But is without foundation, also misleadingly, economists and historians, supporters of the current financial system, money to assimilate the goods, which is now proven false and rejected by the scientist prof. Giacinto Auriti.
*** Even Jean Bodin (1568), in fact, had put the finger on the problem of the formation of the monopolies, such as That Was the real cause of the long-called '500 inflation, in fact, critical to the argument of the economists' tendency or aligned to the big business, as Azpilcueta De Martin (1483-1586) and EJ Hamilton (1934), not at all able to give an account of the fact that: "the inflation began many decades before the American gold and is therefore attributable to the interests of the moneylenders and bank financing of the monopolies, in fact, both are run, with no scruples, in criminal actions, as speculative. "(p.249 Roberto Finzi Course of History - Zanichelli)
From War to the bankruptcy.
In 1565 the former Venetian ambassador to Milan, wrote to his Government that: "The Catholic King, the Spanish king, was for the past wars, in a mess of money. That almost all the way of its revenue is consumed in paying interest.
*** Therefore, is just the public debt to be uncontrollable, it is given almost exclusively by the interests, however, That in time grow exponentially, in fact the capital received is neutralized, using the strategic ploy of the bankruptcy. Thus we have the emergence That the idea That is evident That you have to pay interest for the borrowed money, to leave the door medieval ideas on usury.
*** The deficit of the public finance structure is organized in states such as the sixteenth century. (Roberto Finzi, Course of History, the Modern Age, Zanichelli p. 260-262)
*** It follows That the interest paid, as compensation of the credit can not and must not under any circumstances exceed the 10% of the capital loaned (Prof. Lorenzo Scarola).
JEWS AND ANTI-SEMITISM: James Martin The Church and the Age of absolutism VOL 2. Morcelliana:. THE JEWISH CHURCH & the P. 89
SURE ANTI-SEMITISM is unjustified and is FRUIT OF RACISM and intolerance.
*** Unfortunately, the anti-Semitism, it is not limited to the Christian world, But is was widespread and varied in other cultures and religions, for the sense of identity That, has brought the Jewish people to preserve the identity. Only for the historical reasons for the socio-economic Lazare (wear) were the true underlying causes of aggressive anti-Semitism. He reproached the Jews (not always wrong to):
* The atheism
* The laziness,
* The greed,
* The sordid,
* The immorality,
* Secret ritual sacrifices.
the secret ritual sacrifices, That is reality, has always been exercised only by some mind diverted on example of the cult and of the ideology, religious Babylon. All this will be reflected ideological and religious world in modern Satanism That will all the negative pattern of the liturgical Catholicism, But That certainly can not be ascribed to a people historically. Unfortunately, these Satanists are the bankers occult That dynasty now reigns unchallenged political power over the world in a way the French Revolution to today).
*** Really dislike arose from the strong spirit of the body That isolates them from the rest of the population. (James Martin The Church and the Age of absolutism VOL 2. Morcelliana - CHURCH & the JEWS P. 89)
Anti-Semitism and the Spanish Inquisition
*** For the Christian society and the Christian state for the Jews (source: S. Dubnow-Weltgeschichte des Volkes judischen IV-VI, 1926-27 G. Caro, Sozial-und
Wirtschaftsgesschichte der "Fudem im Mittelalter und in der Neuzeit, to vol., 1908-1920) was a foreign element, not similar, you could see in them a
"Enemy people" in their religion a "reprobate and blasphemous doctrine."
*** Even the first Christian emperors from Constantine to start them subjected to legal restrictions, especially forbade them of:
1. Note of Christian slaves and marry with a Christian woman (Constance 339),
2. li ruled out military service (Honorius 404)
3. and from any public office (Theodosius II 438).
*** The Jews to Christianity were able to pass freely, but only rarely are they sincere conversion. The Emperor Justinian confirmed, and some worse, the anti-Jewish laws of the its predecessors, its the code: everything was legal for the Middle Ages and beyond.
*** It is generally conceded to the Jews tolerance in religious matters, but not one gave them the full enjoyment of civil rights, as many synods and popes, had declared they were "a people eternally condemned to serve."
*** The Jews were forced to wear a special dress, That gets them as such, in the cities of southern Europe, had to live in neighborhoods separated (ghetto), they could not keep Christian servants in their employment, they could testify Against a Christian, put on public offices, etc. ...
*** Even the Germanic empire, the Jews were perceived as a body, a stranger, because their treatment was governed by the laws of the Germanic for foreigners.
*** From the time of the Swabian emperors, they were counted among the "servants of the room palace": paying a special fee, they came under the protection of the Emperor.
*** By the lucrative trade and the lending of money at interest (often very high), which is forbidden to the Christians.
*** Many Jews managed to accumulate wealth and power [this situation of power and cooling is already being exercised by some Jewish bankers, the first of the year 1000, for some reason escapes to the books of history.] (Karl Bihlmeyer - Hermann Tuechle History of the Church. "3.-the era of reform, ed. Morcelliana p.127 care to Sixth edition of Hyginus Rogger Vol III: The Epoch reforms)
(P.129 BIHLMEYER K. - H. and TUECHLE. Morcelliana)
*** On the occasion of the first and second cross of the 1095-96, 1146-47, many of these "killers of Christ" were killed by the troops without brakes.
*** Of San Bernardo and the appeals of several popes from the 16th to 12th, in favor of these unfortunate people and the protests, Against the physical and moral coercion exercised because they did not baptize always had effect.
*** Here and tea, the Jews were expelled from cities and territories, however, they were in some way to return.
*** Especially serious was the situation in Spain, where the Jews were very numerous since antiquity, and were hated for their unbridled thirst of the gain.
The king of the Visigoths sec. VII tried to convince them of, to the conversion with significant pressure. During the Arab domination of the their condition improved greatly, many of them became rich and influential. But in the year 1391 in Castile, Aragon and Catalonia a great persecution broke out against Jewish Was in many cases left them only the choice between the death or the baptism.
*** Of course between the "Marranos" or "new Christians" as they were called to force these baptized Jews, very few conversions were sincere and complete, as soon as the external pressure is released, many of them returned to the the religion of their fathers, openly or in secret.
*** The harmful influence That explicit in Christian Spain the Jews converted only in appearance (Marranos) Was a disaster, some of them infiltrated, and went up in the church hierarchy, the more senior posts, becoming bishops.
*** This resulted in the second half of the fifteenth century. one harsh reaction of national and religious Against them.
*** After the bloody revolt in 1473 Against the nobility and Against the Marranos, the Catholic monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon decided the return of the inquisition, "That was almost extinct in Spain, using them for combat these dangerous enemies of and the crown of the Church (which is here: the real goal of "enlightened" and the destruction of the monotheism of the Christians).
*** The Pope Sixtus IV, in 1478, gave his consent and so the rose: the Spanish Inquisition. (H. Ch Lea, The Morisco of Spain, Their Conversion and Expulsion Lond. 1901,etc ...). But the good effects expected were not achieved because:
* 1 - the See of Rome, blamed the court for excessive severity (That thing either, statistically, corresponds to the truth of the story, in fact, the first task of the court was that of "educated" according to the conception of the time, obviously );
* 2 - the investigation were too powerful, in fact, the Augustinian canon regular Peter Arbues, inquisitor of Aragon, took aim of a conspiracy of Marranos Was wounded to death in the Church of Zaragoza in 1485. The Augustinian: Was Peter Arbues canonized in 1867. Then, (to reason of the failure of the court of the Inquisition That not worked at all with his fist of iron), Ferdinand and Isabella expelled from their kingdoms all the Jews in 1492.
*** Even the King Manuel of Portugal in 1497 issued a decree of expulsion Against the Jews, But however, a definitive success Not Was it achieved in Spain, in Portugal it was so rooted in the depth of their power. *** Despite the dependence on the will of the king and the abuse That Was made to time for political purposes, the Inquisition was essentially an ecclesiastical institution and lived under the glare of the of the charity and mercy.
*** Any excess of the Inquisition, not justified, however, a tendentious historiography That has exaggerated the cruelty is so unfair That the number
*** The "autos-da-fe" (actus fidei) were not performed scenes in which the penalty of death, But consisted in the solemn publication of the above, accompanied, to the second of the cases, to liberation, only the obstinate heretics and repeat offenders, were entrusted to the secular arm for execution. Was The last execution carried out in 1781 to Seville (and this is to demonstrate the reality of a submerged That was concealed, rightly or wrongly, from a practical ability to conceal, That fact made of waterproof and hidden, the traffic That some Jews moneylenders, even if a minority, were to the detriment of Christianity. The justified grudge against the Christians and the strong body and the spirit of collective suffering, they have always betrayed the Jewish community and they did not understand, That the loan sharks were the real cause "the evil of the world," and of the harm their own, true vipers, That you kept well concealed in their breasts).
*** They had to suffer greatly, when the Black Death, the bubonic plague that is, of Indian origin, in the years 1348-50 terribly devastated a large part of Europe. Behind the accusation of having caused the epidemic behind the accusation of having poisoned the fountains, the Jews in many cities, from Alsace, at to Austria, were brutally killed, for the more burned at the stake.
*** In the centuries between the 12 ° and 15 °: was raised often, individuals Against Jews, and the prosecution of the suspect:
1. have vilified crucifixes,
2. have desecrating hosts,
3. have killing to Christian children for ritual purposes (the Satanism thing That still does regularly), and on the basis of these allegations: documented, popular attitudes, the horrible crime: of a small group of deviant, and many Jews guilty of these crimes were tried and executed.
*** From 13th century onwards, they proceeded harshly, including Against the Talmud and other Jewish anti-Christian books.
*** Only with the humanism and then especially with the Enlightenment came to an emancipation of the Jews. 1694 - Act of the constitution of the Bank of England the
*** What was the first grand historic innovation created by Paterson in 1694, to at act of the constitution of the Bank based on the purpose of the Inghilterra pay instead of gold, the bills of the bank (of bank notes or bank notes), for realizing of the scope of this innovation is sufficient: consider a trivial example: who was a gold nugget of the pocketed without the debt to the mine, but after you: That is taken instead of the mine, there is the central bank, instead of the nugget is a piece of paper, place of the property the debt.
*** With the advent of the currency in 1694 with the pound rating of the Bank of the United Kingdom have changed the rules of the big game.
*** Blood Money delivers the power of buying That is the oxygen of the market.
*** This blood is poisoned by debt, so true That is the central bank issues money only by lending.
*** This theory could to accept it at home when the bank said the money is mine because the reserves of the gold is mine.
*** Since the bank conceived the currency as the title of representative of the credit reserves, was allowed to say I give you the card symbol, That is a title
That credit is representative of the gold mine, the money is mine and you can pay the.
*** With the date of the August 15, 1971, with the end of Bretton Woods agreements, the reserve is abolished, then the central bank can not say That the more: Is my money, why is false. (Prof. Dr. Giacinto Auriti - http://www.SIMEC.org The forfeiture of the goods of the clergy and the assigned (and hidden STRATEGY: victory of the Jewish bankers on the modern history and contemporary)
*** The crisis in the finances of the state reaches a dangerous point, just for the revolutionary reforms.
*** The abolition of the inheritance of the venality and charges, constitutes a huge burden of costs for the Treasury, as had been agreed, That the same owners were reimbursed for their losses.
*** Traditional methods for reducing the deficit of the state not deliver early results.
*** There was the risk of the bankruptcy. Faced with this serious situation to the Assembly adopted a radical measure, already recommended by Calonne and advocated by numerous lists of grievances.
*** On the proposal of the deputy-Maurices Charles de Talleyrand (1754-1838), bishop of Autun, "the church property, should be proclaimed a" national assets "and forfeited by the State, before being sold for the purpose of healing the already exorbitant deficit. Once you've gathered at the State treasure, many real estate wealth, it had to become "mobile" to turn them into money of which there was desperate need. The sale of contemporary art such a large number of land would have resulted in a rapid fall of price with reflections negative on the whole, the financial system and the entire nation for the devaluation of the real estate.
*** For which this could be decided That Was the new state property would be used to reimburse the state creditors with securities, provided of a particular interest, the value of which was secured by the property on which the national title was awarded. For the name of this were allocated.
*** You will be allocated to the changed little but of nature, meet the growing needs of the exchequer, with the Decree of April 17 of the 1790, the House That stable since then have been Awarded the course of currency, for all for all the people and the territory of the Kingdom. But, meanwhile, remained legal tender coins also legal, of the gold and silver, with serious consequences as we shall see more later. (Roberto Finzi, Course of History, the Modern Age, Zanichelli p. 618)
1694 - Act of the constitution of the Bank of England and the founding of the modern continuation of seigniorage:
seigniorage of Sandro Pascucci:
The monetary seigniorage is a scam and psychological, to which we are all individuals. This scam is strengthened and hides behind a curtain of silence and of death and has gone through the last 300 years without letting anything leak out, of the existence. They say that: "the more great deception of the devil, was to believe, That humanity at him not to exist" and is thanks to this diabolic That technique is the seigniorage master of the world. You will not hear talk of seigniorage never on TV or on the books, no singer there will never a song or a comic spectacle. Politicians will fight not for the seigniorage and never not never see the Finance Guard of arrest someone for this topic.
*** Seigniorage is the maximum power of the planet and all of us are slaves.
*** Technically, the seigniorage That is the profit generated by money creation.
*** The term now provides that compare the the International Banks
Central to create money, cash That is scriptural. An example will illustrate the mechanism:
create a single currency (whether of paper, metal or as a virtual c / c) of the cost has, due to the raw materials to the workforce and to the services required of
contour, as the distribution, the anti-technical, etc. ..
*** The biggest cost is the material of which is composed of the coin, and the set of all the various costs: on the set are to determine its intrinsic value.
*** The euro, however, shows a number on the front That points to another value: the nominal value (or, for the fact, face or even legal).
*** The two values (intrinsic and nominal), differ, and the difference between them: That determines what is called seigniorage, ie the gain That has, who has created that money.
*** Of course, who creates money tends to mark a value more than the intrinsic value as high as possible, otherwise it loses.
*** Happens for example in coins from 1 cent because it is necessary for them to spend 15 cents.
*** Now That is what we see in the creation of the monetary gold of the coin and paper products. In ancient times the coins were made of gold and then with an intrinsic value, rather high.
*** The "ladies" that used to mint these coins stamped them with a more high-value gain for ourselves, and thus afford a "premium" economically significant.
*** For this he received the gold from the powerful merchants with the request of converting it into hard cash and just put her image for the ENSURE the goodness of the piece he created (coined). It was a sort of guarantee, and for this he had his the gain. For example, with 9 grams of the gold coin was a coin and say, That was 10 gr. of the gold (but really made up of 9 gr. + 1 g of the gold. not of noble metal). The difference between the nominal value (10) and intrinsic value (9) was the seigniorage (one gram of gold for the money).
*** Arguably the operation could be performed by the Lord even coining 10 coins actually using 10 gr. for each piece of the gold But, as keeping a hand, always of the 10% of it was profit!
*** When gold is to be replaced at the paper the speech is worse (for us) and the seigniorage is almost arrived to the 100%
*** In fact, print a bill for € 5 or a 500-euro takes 30 cents of euro banknotes and also consider that not That is more linked, at to gold (not ~ has more coverage 'and not convertible is more ~'). This means That the Lord modern, or who now creates money (eg the ECB in Europe, or the Federal Reserve in the U.S.) has enormous power. Indeed, these private bodies (all the central banks are private), however, can blackmail or
influence entire nations.
Suffice it to say That the World Bank (of property of the Federal Reserve and of the Bank of the UK, to turn all and two private master and also of the International Monetary Fund) denying loans to those countries NOT ACCEPT That of privatization, the field of drinking water! & This is just an example. who has understood the mechanism of the seigniorage will now have even included the bill ELIMINATING That one action is worse as it disappears, for the Lord Banks, the cost of ~ 'and increases to 100% the seigniorage, on the electronic money. In addition, the currency is subject to an interest (eg. 3%) That is what drives: the debt of the citizens of a sovereign nation, over the nominal value of the currency itself! In practice a currency (bill) from the city costs € 100 and € 103 to the bank with only 30 cents. This is the seigniorage. You could work around to this, in a very simple way: simply, That the State, Sovereign finally, to issue currency: free and without debt, as does, for example, with the coins (of course those with a nominal value, more of the intrinsic value, such as the 50-cent pieces, 1 and 2 euro). I have got more savvy now the joke, of the deceased Mr Duisenberg, in respect of Tremonti, when the latter asked of substitute, the coins of 1 and 2 euro banknotes with, of equal value, and the former governor (who died in mysterious circumstances), responded by saying, "but the Mr. Tremonti, know That in so doing, the country would lose her, the right of seigniorage: on the mass of money be replaced?". That since the bill has not a consideration in gold (the notes are convertible into U.S. dollars But since 1971 the U.S. dollar more is not convertible into gold) That reason is not there to provide both a private entity nor That this entity has a monopoly on this issue. In addition, the costs for serving, this loan (interest) would be avoided and the state, that is, all of us, would the REAL: autonomy of management: of the country.
*** Who is afraid, That the State may, in some way to start printing money: outsized and out of control is a person: that has not confidence in the state. We know that: our politicians are the collusion: with every imaginable interest (banks, oil, weapons, drugs, prostitution, etc. ..) But the question we must ask ourselves That is very simple:
*** Why a politician should refuse the responsibility of creating money for the people?
*** If he is not honest because there should be no problem and will operate under ETHICS RULES: fair and democratic. Only a dishonest politician, with one last glimmer of sincerity say, 'No,
looks .. not give me this printer in my hand because I know myself and I print mountains of the money for me and my friends!
*** Fortunately in this case the solution is simple: we thank you and send home to the first person That can do for his own admission, of the terrible damage.
*** The last case Is that the policy is actually being dishonest ... But if it is dishonest should refuse such a wonderful opportunity?
*** Not for moral qualms about what we have said already That is dishonest. if it was not (dishonest) now accept the printer and would act as the much-vaunted and very private Governors of any central bank, which is recognized to the esteem and wisdom out of the ordinary, and known to operate according to the good of the Community . Einaudi had to say: "to the scarcity of gold is replaced the wisdom of the governor [of the Central Bank, author's note]" (sic).
*** But then, why not a thief steals? Perhaps because there is a much more powerful big shot of him? Perhaps there is one entity That DOES NOT WANT to give him the printer and make it, That will create money for the people (albeit with the risk of theft policies)? & This entity is more honest? if that were the case must immediately give him any power, would know as well governed, more secure of of the political of the above, or not? & If it was rather dishonest, because the printer has in hand and starving the people, making it live, in a system of financial anemia? this entity is: Upper: dishonest: much, even more, of the political if not who is "The Fat Banker?
*** That is the obvious political CAN NOT AND DOES NOT WANT 'to take the printer in the name of the people because the international private bankers will not allow it never.
*** That We elect people are sponsored by bankers and therefore not operate That never, in one popular optical But always to the advantage of their REAL EMPLOYERS: of work.
*** That is true only political will can reverse the things But, for this to be the AWARENESS of a large swath of the population, That is informed, aware and motivated to make a radical change in the political scene.
*** To this end, this article should be disseminated to all the people, along with other writings, books, events and public debates That, explain what is the real evil of the Mona and the solutions terrible and painful That you will soon not be taken for fall into the abyss. In a future article we further important aspects of the issue and will close in third article speaking of Fractional Reserve, another scam, this, true manager of Inflation and the power of That Commercial Banks create money out of nothing by the Current Accounts, That we to have force today. Sandro Pascucci
The Neker May 1789
*** The problem of the composition and functioning of the of the General Assembly is the political problem, of That has to face if Neker, returned to power.
*** I preferred not pushing for a doubling in the number of the deputies of the third estate ...
*** Despite the opposition of the nobility and higher clergy, the Crown granted the double, the third state. Thus begins a long campaign to That will continue until May ... (P.607 Roberto Finzi Course of History - Zanichelli)
July 11, 1790, the king dismisses Necker, and form a government composed of men known for their tea, the traditional position.
*** The removal of Neker events and causes clashes between citizens and the army.
*** A portion of the guard of the king would fall on the side of the demonstrators.
*** On 13 and again extends the motion: assaults to the granaries of the monasteries and the destruction of the places of duty at the gates of the city, riot Policy Against the prisons. the electors to meet at Hotel de Ville (town hall) is formed and the militia is armed. (p.613 Roberto Finzi Course of History: Zanichelli)
9 - In 1869 Pope Pius IX
*** Summoned the Vatican Council condemned the rationalism and materialism and the
*** In the encyclical Rerum Novarum, Leo XIII approached the social question and reaffirmed the dignity of man, and the duty of the solidarity, that is the right to the property for all, reaffirm the scientist as Professor. Dr. Auriti: SIMEC or symbol on conventional econometric accepted in the towns connected and connectable, pursuant to Art. 24 L. 142/90 and L. 265/99 in the implementation of paragraph 2: Art. 42 of the Italian Constitution: "at to man, as such, there is something That is the due!"
*** For this scientist and professor. Giacinto Auriti: elaborated the theory of the income of citizens, or the obligation of giving a check to every citizen as a right of citizenship.
*** The Rerum Novarum condemns the capitalism and the communism as incompatible with the Christianity:
"A small number of super-rich, has imposed to at infinite multitude, of the proletariat, just under a yoke ... That servile (slavery)"
Leo XIII was born with the social doctrine of the Church. 10 to 20 April 1884
"Humanum genus": LETTER ENCYCLICAL
"ORDER OF philosophical and moral relativism of Freemasonry"
* Throughout the long centuries of the series these two cities (Jerusalem and Babylon) the one fought Against the other, with various weapons and fighting, though not always with the same enthusiasm and the momentum. But to the present day, the partisans of the wicked city, inspired and helped by the society, widespread and highly crafted That takes the name of the Masonic society, it seems That all conspire together, and trying the latest evidence.
* why without disguising the more their designs, occur with extreme audacity Against the sovereignty of God, to work publicly and openly to destruction of the Holy Church, with intentions of undress at all, if possible, the blessings of the Christian nations went to world by Jesus Christ our Savior. In this encyclical will list all the mistakes and the dangers of the Freemasonry. (As to Rome, at St. Peter, the day April 20, 1884, year VII, of the Our Pontificate. LEO PP. XIII-Copyright © Libreria Editrice Vaticana) ct:. Jewish merchants and bankers - Di Giacomo Todeschini
11 - Adolf Hitler and the bank seigniorage
*** Hitler stayed in the capital, where the Jews occupied an economic position of the foreground and the anti-Semitism was widespread, this left a deep mark on him.
*** 1918 decorated with the cross of iron, has a thrilling reminder of the front and attributed to the Jews and the Marxists to the defeat of the Germany. (A.V. dictionary)
*** His doctrine (the National) was based on simplistic ideas, But effective, particularly that of the superiority of the German race, called by destiny to claim the own domain, and that the will was mystically embodied in the person of the leader, or Fuhrer.
*** One of the capital of the Nazis was the fanatical anti-Semitic hatred, That would have led to the systematic extermination of millions of Jews. But in reality, hiding behind these ideologies of resentment and retaliation economic order.
*** Hitler would have said: "As we need of money, and the Jews are rich, we kill them, and so they can confiscate the goods?"
*** Of course, there was the hate in him for the seigniorage from the banking scam, through which Germany was the impoverished and deprived. "We were not foolish enough to create a currency linked to gold at, of which we not have availability, But For every mark printed, we required the equivalent of a mark, at work or in goods produced there is ... funny, all the times That the our national financiers, say That the value of the currency must be regulated by gold, or from property preserved in the vaults of the bank of the state. "(Adolf Hitler, quoted in" Hitler's Monetary System "That refers to CC Veith, Citadels of Chaos, Meador, 1949)
*** The one of Guernsey Not Was the only government to solve their problems the infrastructure: the printing alone: the own currency. (See E. Brown, "Waking Up on to Minnesota Bridge," of the August 4, 2007).
*** A much more well-known model, you can find out in Germany: from the First World War. When Hitler came to power, the country was completely and hopelessly ruined.
*** The Treaty of Versailles had imposed on German reparations to the people That they had destroyed, the with which it was intended to reimburse the costs incurred to participate in the war for all the belligerent countries. That amounted to three times the cost of the value of all the properties in the country.
*** The speculation about the German mark had caused its collapse, hastening the advent of one of the phenomena of the ruinous inflation of the more modern. At its peak, a wheelbarrow full of banknotes, for the equivalent of 100 billion of marks, not even enough to buy a loaf of bread.
*** The state coffers were empty, and large amounts of of homes and farms had been seized by banks and speculators.
*** People living in the slums and dying of hunger.
*** Of Nothing like this had never happened before: the utter destruction of a national currency, That had wiped out the savings of the people, the activity and the economy in general.
*** In the worse things got, to the end of the decade, the global depression.
*** Germany could not help but succumb to That of the debt and the slavery to international lenders.
In the twentieth century.: In Palestine:
*** Following to the World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Palestine came under the administration before the military, then civilian of the United Kingdom, to which the in 1922, the League of Nations gave the mandate over the country .
*** The term of office, entered into force the following year, then to the transformation of the Zionist Organization, Jewish and at the agency to increase Jewish emigration, the country Was the theater of bloody riots.
*** The refusal of Britain to collect the recommendations of the Zionist Congress of New York, for the establishment of the Jewish state (the enlightened or satanic, not at all wanted the reconstitution of Israel and feared the rebuilding of the Temple, "That would give, a sharp brake to the projects of their New World Order), the formation of the Jewish League, is responsible for the organization of an illegal immigration, and the reality of a new Jewish terrorism, persuaded the UK, to the renunciation of the mandate.
*** In 1949, the Joint Committee: of the armistice the United Nations, the Palestine divided into three areas: the territory of Gaza, occupied by Egypt, the majority of the Jewish, and of the grave of the Ghor: allocated to the Jordan, the Upper Galilee, assigned to the western highlands of Israel.
*** In 1964, the refugees were classified, the organization for the liberation of the Palestine, of which, the war of the six days, put the light fragility. Since 1969, the Palestinian nation, was capable of connecting the various movements, and of establishing relations with the Arab states.
*** In 1993. it finally came, the recognition of the agreement signed with Israel to Washington, Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, which was granted with the autonomy of the Gaza and Jericho.
*** In 1994, it has begun, and the withdrawal of a passage of contemporary military and administrative functions to the Palestinians.
*** Despite the international recognition, favorable to the policy of appeasement, however, the pace is Isis, by mutual tensions and intolerance of retaliation and possession absolutist: waged, new tensions, and the terrorist attacks have been repeated endlessly by both the parties. In subsequent years, the plan to the Palestinian economy has expanded. The elections of the 1996 saw the victory of the Arafat of his party, Fatah.
Liberalism wants to beat the war (of Joaquin Bochaca) translated by Margaret
Huffstickler of:
23/10/2007: signet @ work: Sandro Pascucci: http://www.signoraggio.com
*** In October 1938, Walter Funk, Economic Minister of the Third Reich, made a trip to the Balkans during the important business which ended with the former Yugoslavia, the Turkey, the Bulgaria.
*** The Romania was not inclined to follow them to at times, due to opposition of the of the King Carol of Romania, subservient to the wishes of the his mistress, the tawny adventurous Jewish Elena Lupescu (better known as Magda Lupescu), for which had followed the abandoned, by the crown prince, his wife and son and (temporarily) the claims on the Crown. That describes what follows That this happened:
*** On November 15, 1938 King Carol of Romania and came to London Was hailed by "anti-Nazi" to Hyde Park. But no one imagined That the king had come to
London just for the pleasure of paying his presence at the demonstration pro-Jewish.
*** Carol represented the rare resistance to the economic expansion of the Germany of the Southeast Europe.
*** Carol had come to London for meeting the bankers of the "City" and for trying to counteract the expansion of the Germany.
*** The purpose of the trip, Was indirectly revealed by Robert S. Hudson, a member of the Council of the Crown and the secretary of the department of foreign trade,
in a speech to the Chamber of the Commons two weeks later more, the November 30.
*** Was a speech of paramount importance, That the Constitution, a virtual declaration of economic war, Against the Germany: "The economic war, to the present day, before the war ever waged."
*** Was That a speech That indicated an important part of the "City" of London, That previously saw Hitler as a "stopper" of Stalin, had recently: pre-war evolved in the direction envisioned by Churchill. Here, a fragment of the speech detector of Hudson brutally frank: "Germany does not unfavorably to the British market in Germany, we must recognize this. But what of which we complain That is, with its methods, it will ruin, the trade around the world. We can say of, That the reason of the influence of the Germany economy lies in the fact That it pays producing countries of central south-east of the high prices that are far more of those paid in the market World | That We reviewed all the procedures would be applied.
The only way is to organize our industries in the way that they can prevent That, at German industry and to say to Hitler and his people: "if, you will not put an end to your current way of proceeding, and not reach an agreement with us, in the which, I promise the sale of your goods at a price That will ensure a reasonable return, we will fight and defeat you with the your own methods. " From a strictly financial point of view, the our nation is infinitely: more powerful of any other state of the world in any case more of the strong Germany, and for this reason we enjoy great advantages of, That will lead us to win the battle ".
*** After the speech of Hudson, the status of his England retired to the "more-favored-nation" from Germany, a position That's the trade treaties
esters had maintained with the same since 1927.
*** The United States did the same curious coincidence of time and action.
*** Britain and the United States, the champions of the liberalism, both political, economic as well as the two things are inextricably linked - were outraged because the Germany, the selling its goods more cheaply to rip them: the traditional markets.
*** Their anger is outrageous where was the famous freedom of their trade, especially sacred to the Anglo-Americans?
*** Hudson spoke of unfair trade competition. Why wrong?
*** Germany was capable of selling, the its products to more cheap for a reason, and only one, because [the Germany] not dependent on the "Gold Standard" as the basis for its currency, its products and the were not weighed at each stage of the production from heavy interest [charged] by the Anglo-Americans and their bankers and financiers.
*** This is the real reason for the ride to 180 ° That was materializing in late 1938, including the influential bankers of the "City" of London.
*** A true local organic, natural, put into practice by the National Socialist Germany, was in crisis, for purely arithmetic reasons, the classical liberal economics That That reigned in England and had enslaved the nations more vulnerable.
*** But here's another fact That later led to the climax: the irritation of the bankers, merchants, ship owners, insurers and captains of the industry That is: wandered around the Strand, the "City" and Whitewall.
*** On December 10, 1938 the Mexican government signed an agreement with the Reich by virtue of which it was delivered to the latter, during the course of the 1939, the value of oil for $ 17 million. This came from oil drilling That the nationalist government of Mexico City had expropriated American Jews of the Standard Oil of New York (SONY) (2).
*** This Was The drop That made the vase overflow ("The Straw That Broke the camel's back") Was a barter agreement: the Reich would have paid for this with the oil exports of the apparatus of its own irrigation, agricultural machinery , materials for office machines for writing and photography equipment. For addition, the agreement concluded Was on the basis of a price much more
bottom of the current world.
*** The result of the above: the Germany would get the oil without paying to the Royal Dutch, controlled by the Jew Samuel Deterding English, nor to the "Standard Oil", managed by the U.S. of the Rockefeller clan. The deal would have materialized without That to the "City", a mere touch shilling for half of the operations of credit, financing, warranties, options, shipping costs and premiums of insurance.
*** It would be a simple barter, guaranteed by the Government of Germany itself, and the transport was carried out on German ships.
*** For the big boys of the "City", the brokers of the world, this was a real shock.
*** Patience That Hitler would use similar procedures in the Balkans and with Turkey.
*** That was going to go as the neighbors of the Germany Central Europe fraternize with it But to extend the direct barter with the Latin America
would condemn "the City" at some inevitable decline.
*** More still seemed imminent That the Minister of the Reich Walter Funk was preparing for an important trip to Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago, Chile of the
*** For the "City" was the beginning of the end.
*** As a result, new and important segments of the British plutocracy, Anglo-Saxon transmigration, in the field of Churchill ("the party of the war", ndt).
1.A blow after the other fell on the "City" in 1938-39:
- The journey of the affairs of the Southeast Europe of Funk
- The conquest of Guangzhou and Hankou, England dominated by Japan of the
- The German-Mexican agreement on oil
- The announcement of the travel of the business in South America
- The weakening of the pro-British position of king Carol
- The loss of the entire Chinese market for half of the Japanese conquest
- The occupation of Albania by Italy.
*** Each of these events led to the desertion of the peace forces, which counted on: the Chamberlain for his policy of "appeasement" of Monaco in the Agreement of September [1938].
*** When these forces acted openly to the benefit of the Polish Foreign Minister Beck, Stalin lay.
*** The progress towards the East German "Drang nach Osten" That this progress at the same time gave the land to the plow and Germans would have eliminated the potential danger for the Communist Europe and the world would be arrested.
*** In truth, at the beginning of December 1938 remained to still some men of the British business, That were a bulwark of the interior to at "City," Against the uprights warlike forces.
*** But the resistance they would soon be wiped out by the offensive Zionist from New York, represented by the "Brain Trust" of the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Final notes:
1. In fact, since 1870 the UK was not capable of competing with the Germany, in trade, That has exported in 2005: one million of dollars of goods around the world, and is the world's largest exporter was, in row of the last four years, despite the noise on the western China.
2. That the United States after the Japanese had occupied, fought in 1945,
Curiously, a giant with a name appeared not Japanese: SONY.
3. Latin America would cease to be of "private property" of the UK. The final outcome of the bankruptcy Was The G.B. due to the H.M. II and the emergence of the "Yanquis" ("Yanquis go home"). Joaquin Bochaca is certainly the first revisions in the Iberian language, That advertises revisionist authors hitherto little known in Anglo-Saxon world. Bochaca, a lawyer from the tip of sharp prose, is also a literary theorist and translator of Ezra Pound and Hermann Hesse by the German. This and other writings of the value of B. have been translated by Mrs. Margaret Huffstickler, a linguist from simple spoken Latin. is also a popular singer.
The Barnes Review, vol XIII No.4 July August 2007 Sunday, October 21, 2007: Joaquin Bochaca 16:54 - translation of Alfio Faro link: http://www.rinascita.info
They are cursed in the name of Jesus, all the accomplices of the criminals and the bank seigniorage.
They are cursed in the name of Jesus, all those That do violence for reasons of religion. They have the belief of hell to finish at.
All of these will die prematurely, with terrible anxieties and illnesses, but not before, of being shamed by their children and of having seen the destruction of the their children.
+ + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son + of + Holy Spirit + Amen! +
Cross the Holy Father Benedict: Cross saint You Are My Light and is never the
dragon my leader.
Go back, Satan! Persuaded I am not vain things. I know the evil things that i
offer, poison your drink yourself.
C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti - Cross of the Holy Father Benedict
C. S. S. M. L. Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux - Holy Cross Be my Light the
N. D. S. M. D. Non draco sit mihi dux-What the dragon is not the leader I
V. R. S. Retro Vadre = Satan - Satan Go!
N. S. M. V. = Not Suade Mihi Vana - I am not persuaded of vanities!
S. M. Q. L. = Sunt quae Libas Mala - This offer me That is bad!
I.V. B. Ipsa = Venena Bibas - the Drink your poisons yourself!
drink your poisons made by yourself - pax.
This ministry, raised by God stands, threatens the rebels and punish them
with scourges and with the death if necessary.
This department, raised by God it is standing threat the rebels and it punishes
Them with scourges and with the death if essential.
And I prophesied Against of them in the name of Jesus:
and if they continue to rise, they will see the destruction of the descendants.
their 1 - to repent! 2 - they pay the damages! 3 - freeing the prisoners!
CSPB CSSML NDSMDVR SNSMVSM QLIVB = This ministry, raised by God stands, the rebel threat.
who speaks ill of the Pope S.S. Benedict XVI will receive the curses of this ministry of lorenzojhwh.
Benedict XVI is the man more noble, cultured and gentle of the twentieth century. and lives in a century of barbarism and Satanism.
who has needs of to be idiotic, to hate a form of government, or of religion or people?
In the Metaphysics of atheistic secular Maritain there is the secret for the
Harmony and the progress of the whole human kind.
The Net Work, the freemasonry, the Ss.p.To., and the banking Seigniorage?
They are the perfect tool of Satan for the enslavement of the human kind!
God bless! Time was short, but the fear was so strong! Friends speak well of me: in fact, no one paid me. Enemies will speak ill of me, but certainly they will all be punished: in Jesus's name!