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The revolution censored - The censored Reviews
Everything is started with an interview with Eric Cantona.
Indeed, everything is started in the 1694, with the birth of the Bank of England,
a private company, that: he began to lend money to the state.

from 3 centuries now, the situation is not changed.
Today, all over the world, central banks: of issue: creating money from nothing and lend it to States, debt.

few international bankers: they are responsible for the current situation.
technology is making headway, you always work of more, but the debts are always higher.
so high as to make failure: whole states (see Greece and Ireland).

Thanks to scientific discoveries, we could arrive at a better standard of life for all inhabitants of the earth. because of currency debt, this is not the case.

50% of the world's population lives on less than $ 2 per day of,
(3 billion of people), while 1% of world population: it has 80% of the total wealth.
exploits and plunders the West: the "third world": making sure. a life of "quiet" (mortgage for 40 years, two weeks of the leave year, a couple of plasma televisions and several phones).

This unacceptable situation is not lost on Eric Cantona, former footballer and former actor, mind awake, that: in an interview, he accused the attackers, proposing a peaceful protest, but by the revolutionary implications:

After the interview, Geraldine Feuillien, Varnier and Yann Arnaud Sarfati, three French: They Have an open event on facebook and fixed: the December 7, 2010
as the date for the withdrawal of money from banks:

the French example is immediately followed, of the Italy: The official facebook of our website:
created the Italian event, the greek:
and internationally:

other countries have been opened: the contingencies for a total of 15 countries / nations (at the Island of Mexico).

now, you pay close attention: the November 12, the youtube channel "complottistixcaso, charging the video," that title, I put this video? ".
in the video, they talk, of the event: 07/12/2010.
the video starts to make the web and around the accession of the event: Italian: of facebook: skyrocketing. people are hardly reduced and after 5 hours: the video: it is censored by youtube.
I decide, then, of charging the same video on facebook, right on the page of "know."
the video starts to turn, another boom: of accessions of the event, and other removal of the video.

But we will not give up. use the youtube channel:
charge of the new video for "offending"
with the addition of a mini-prologue
about the two complaints already suffered.
This time, the title of the video: is "the most censored of web video."

In two days the video is seen by 52,000 people coming to the home page of youtube, is charged with dozens of users: C3% B9 + censured + the + web & aq = f
and translated into English:
and French:

the Italian event exceed the number of calls, the French event.
everything is great (I). except for some Malpensante:

until the morning of November 20.

of the new video is censored by youtube, coinciding with the closure of the 12's, administrators of the page: "you know" and the closing event of facebook: (pending invitations with 200,000 of response).

The complaint comes when it is on the right track, this is known.
We have re-entered on facebook
We have re-created: "You know II":
(The old page of: "you know", without administrators is unusable)
and, so, we have created another page:
"The revolution censored - censored the revolution":
to retune ourselves on the event of 7 / 12.

the November 21, after 24 hours from the date of complaint, many Italian media begin to deal with the event:

1. the Corriere della Sera: 20the-banks-off-the-money-from-accounts-stefano montefiori_4864b8a8-f61a-11DF-BF30-00144f02aabc.shtml


3. ANSA:

4. The Sole 24 ORE:

(.. And a few minutes ago, Elio Lannutti announced his facebook profile, that: also: Adusbef: attending of the event)

a mere coincidence? not for me.
In my opinion, the event was becoming too great, and after the article in "elpais" the most important French newspaper:

Italian newspapers, could not continue to pretend nothing of.
but as to break the news without advertising the event?
simple, first of giving the news, takes issue with the event. .. and so that: They Have done.

But we do not give up or will not give up!
For the first time, you are creating a group of people, that: peacefully, they want to say ENOUGH!
It suffices in this system, we are all people of the world.
Why not be a complaint to stop.
We are back and will continue to come back: always, because the world can and must improve!
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