CIA 322 masonic IMF FED NWO system voodoo cannibal

@ Israel - maybe you were wrong ... the missiles that you destroyed?maybe, were not for Hezbollah! Now, you have to make good the damage you have done to Syria! Erdogan: Assad tries to drag us into a catastrophe .. 12 May, 16:32 - answer - @Erdogan: --- for all the evil that you have done to Syria, filling with: "20,000" terrorists of Al Qaeda, everyone can think, that Assad has the right to retaliate against , you .. and: Therefore, you may have made ​​a auto-attack (such as 11-09) .. but, in fact you have stopped, only, your Turkish citizens, but, your slanders against Assad must be demonstrated seriously! because it is true that you deserve all the evil in the world by Assad, but it is also true that he can not support a war against you! You and the Arab League, NATO, CIA, etc. ..? you are to hell!

Abu Antar sharia, jihad for dhimmis, criminal worldwide caliphate - @ King Saudi Arabia: Arab League - Because You deny, to all the Jews of the world: to have a country of: 300,000 square kilometers? you can not deny them .. That Right they are the real masters of the world. and if you do not give them a home? they will make you die: all, like dogs! and if you do not want to give up your satanAllah: Sharia? take your Palestinians, and go to hell where you want, somewhere else .. but if you give up the Sharia? they can stay, very well, indeed, Palestinians can stay in much better with us, That, not with you! - And if you do not want to give up your satanAllah: Sharia? take your Palestinians and go to hell where you want, somewhere else .. but if you give up the Sharia? they can stay, very well, indeed, much better with us, not with you!

Abu horror Antar sharia [you can not slander: Unius REI, because: I have the metaphysics, I can not: be approved in a: politic system, ideological or religious] all that is in the world? is very bad! In fact, it is an invention of the Pharisees! Islam also it is, because the Kabbalah was invented in Egypt. you will be punished for this thy wickedness: against: me! if I had not defended Syria? would not exist today! In fact, today I ordered to Israel, to help, Syria, but you're the evil man and false, full of lies, in fact you are an Islamist

187AUDIOHOSTEM - CIA 322 masonic IMF FED NWO system voodoo cannibal --- you know very well who is: Sharia Abu Antar, and where he lives, but even if he is an evil murderess: of: Christian martyrs innocent, you stop intimidating him, because he is, however, under my protection!

    IIIIWotanIIII - go talk to, your: Satan: Hitler, the son of: Rothschild Pharisees beast 666 NWO - IMF, ECB FED, masonic system Bildenberg, for banking seigniorage! there is nothing that we can say outside of this page! IIIIWotanIIII - aller parler, votre: Satan: Hitler, le fils de: Rothschild pharisiens bête 666 NWO - FMI, BCE FED, maçonnique système Bildenberg, de seigneuriage bancaire! il n'y a rien que nous pouvons dire à l'extérieur de cette page! IIIIWotanIIII - gehen Sie sprechen, Ihr: Satan: Hitler, der Sohn: Rothschild Pharisäer Tier 666 NWO - IWF, EZB FED, Freimaurer System Bildenberg, für Banken seigniorage! es gibt nichts, was wir außerhalb von dieser Seite zu sagen! IIIIWotanIIII - Ve a hablar con, el: Satanás: Hitler, hijo de: Rothschild fariseos bestia 666 Nuevo Orden Mundial - FMI, BCE, FED, masónico sistema Bildenberg, por señoreaje bancario! no hay nada que podamos decir, fuera de esta página!

    666 IIIIWotanIIII: NAZI CIA Satanist NATO Bildenberg IMF, ECB FED NWO. - Has posted a comment 6 minutes ago: "I pray 5 times a day" - ANSWER - really? and what is your pray, to your Nazi Hitler pharisees Rothschild owl god, Baal, Marduck at bohemian grove? be Able to bring Jewish children to Auschwitz again? IIIIWotanIIII nazi Merkel 666 masonic system: IMF ECB FED NWO --- German cannibal, voodoo priest, you: you have a better brain of the monkey skull fuck, in your head: to make an argument: about: your last human sacrifice on the altar of Satan? German cannibal you: you have a better brain of the monkey skull fuck your head: to make an argument: about: your last human sacrifice on the altar of Satan?

    666 IIIIWotanIIII: NAZI CIA Satanist NATO Bildenberg IMF, ECB FED NWO. - Has posted a comment 6 minutes ago: "I pray 5 times a day" - ANSWER -- really? and what is your pray, to your nazi Hitler pharisees Rothschild god owl, Baal, Marduck at bohemian grove? be able to bring Jewish children to Auschwitz again?

    IIIWotanIIII nazi Merkel 666 Masonic system: IMF FED ECB EU NWO UN NATO 322, Bildenberg - Why do not you with: us, your Two hours of prayer, Those That You do before the orgy? Why not with you: we, the two hours of prayer, Those that you do before the orgy? Warum nicht mit du gehst: us, Ihr Zwei Stunden des Gebets, diejenigen, die Sie tun, bevor der Orgies? ¿Por qué no hace usted with: nosotros, sus dos horas de oración, los que hace the antes de la orgía? Pourquoi ne pas vous avec: Nous, tes deux heures de prière, avant ceux que vous faites the orgies? German cannibal, voodoo priest, you: you have a better brain of the monkey skull fuck, in your head: to make an argument: about: your last human sacrifice on the altar of Satan? German cannibal you: you have a better brain of the monkey skull fuck your head: to make an argument: about: your last human sacrifice on the altar of Satan?


    Benghazi: car bomb exploded in the parking lot: a hospital: Al Jala hospital." Previously two stations: the police were attacked: immediately after the attack by two other districts: police last Friday. This was reported by the local council. The attacks are a further sign of instability: that: now reigns in Benghazi. The recent violence: against: diplomats, army and police includes: Also the attack: 11 September last year in which: killed the U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other American citizens. The aim is: to "strengthen: Libya's capacity to fight: and defend himself against threats: of: Al Qaeda and its affiliates" - ANSWER - with your Sharia law: for: your worldwide caliphate, and for, dhimmi, ie, the extermination of diversity? you have ruined the world .. and now you will be punished! I'm tired of all the lies, your theater criminal of IMF-NWO, the Masonic system of banking seigniorage, for destroy Israel

    187AUDIOHOSTEM Bush 322 IMF-NWO masonic system --- è perché, nel tuo scheletro cranio, di merda, il cervello si è asciugato tutto, che, non è possibile fare con te, un ragionamento normale? is because, in your skeleton skull, shit, the brain has dried all, that, you can not do with you, a normal reasoning? C'est parce que, dans votre squelette, merde, le cerveau a séché tout cela, vous ne pouvez pas faire avec vous, un raisonnement normal? se debe a que, en su esqueleto, mierda, el cerebro se ha secado todo, que no se puede hacer con usted, un razonamiento normal? Denn in Ihrem skelett, scheiße, das Gehirn hat alle, getrocknet, dass man nicht mit dir zu tun, eine normale Argumentation?

    @ Arab League: murderers of Worldwide caliphate: salafis islamistsaria jihad for dhimmi - or leave out yourself: from the world?, Or must leave out: all mankind: from the world! Mohammed, misogynist, serial murderess, exterminator: lustful, sinful, idolatrous: moon stone meteorite, slave trader, pedophile, esoteric speaking with demons spirits? was less guilty than you! In fact, 1400 years have served to you, only to have the most modern weapons! and if you have not used: 1400 years: to develop: a theology, Compatible, 1. with civil society of nations? 2. with the God of Abraham: love compassion and infinite justice? this is your curse, that, you can not do: always, suffer: all the peoples on the planet! I will let you die like dogs, though: if, you do not evolve, yourself, quickly? you will be exterminated, of course!

    @ ARABIC League [dhimmitude, sharia, worldwide caliphate] Video Boko Haram, women and children kidnapped (Reuters) - KANO (NIGERIA), MAY 13 - The Islamic fundamentalist group: Nigeria: Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for two attacks in a video made ​​in the northeast: the country. In the images, you can also see women and children taken hostage: On the occasion: one of the two raids, one of 7 May in the city: Bama: which killed 55 people. The fundamentalist group claims: even the attack last: April 16 in Baga which was followed by violent clashes: between: fundamentalists and the army in which 187 people have died. - ANSWER - but, for all this satanism evil of your religion, and, of: your evil prophet: of the devil? certainly, thou shalt bear the weight of all this!

    @ Erdogan exterminator of: Armenians. [Turkish military sources have claimed that, the fall of an F16 fighter this afternoon in the province of Osmaniye, about 50 km from the Syrian border, is probably due to an accident.] Your planes fighter, fall on their own! @ Arab League for sharia worldwide caliphate --- if it fails, in Syria, the government of national unity, that, USA and Russia have proposed? you will be held directly responsible for all this curse! @ Erdogan exterminateur: les Arméniens. [Sources militaires turques ont affirmé que la chute d'un avion de combat F16 cet après-midi dans la province de Osmaniye, à environ 50 km de la frontière syrienne, est probablement dû à un accident.] Votre avions de combat, tomber sur leurs propres! @ Ligue arabe pour la charia califat mondial --- si elle échoue, en Syrie, le gouvernement d'unité nationale, qui, Etats-Unis et la Russie ont proposé? vous serez tenu directement responsable de toute cette malédiction!
    [my election regal, is divine, I am Unius REI, my sovereignty is universal and eternal, my law is the law of retaliation, and stems from the Natural Law: "You do good and avoid evil"], If , I decided to destroy, or damage to someone, who could stop me? I am the KINGDOM of God in political form, [my election regal is divine, I am Unius REI], and then, of course, the rebels will be shot to death, because: resist to me, is to commit: high treason! I declared illegal: and then, I will destroy: dhimmi, Dalits, sharia, Pharisees, Israel with its star esoteric of: Islamists, Satanists, Masons (all secret societies), IMF: that, has stolen the sovereignty of peoples, through the Masonic crime: of high treason constitutional. I condemn to death: all those: who transgress, offend, freedom of religion!
    USA, 13 year old attempts to rape his mother, and then kills her. It 'happened in Mason City, a city of Iowa. Noah Crooks, 13-year-old killed, his mother, after he tried to rape her. Is now facing trial. At the origin of the gesture, the seizure of a video game -- ANSWER -- @FED, Zapatero, Merkel, Elizabeth Jezebel II, ECB, NATO, CIA, ROTHSCHILD 666 IMF, 322 BUSH NWO, MASONIC SYSTEM, BILDENBERG, but, what kind of shit, you're putting into people's minds? if I were a Muslim, to see you, I'd say, "Western culture is sin" Boko Haram. so, it is very big your hatred against the Jewish-Christian civilization. you tried to destroy Israel and all mankind. you have raised the age of Satan: horror films, halloween, porno, all sexual perversions, metal satanism, satanic symbols, with your worship of the cemetery and death? You have filled the world!

    LorenzoJHWH Unius REI, said: io ho bisogno di almeno 300.000 kmq per fare il mio regno di palestina, insieme ai palestinesi

    Abu Sharia law for dhimmis Antar: worldwide caliphate - you are worthy to die like a dog, before everyone else! Do not you know that the Kabbalah puts the Jews-Pharisees (hypocrites Satanists: of: IMF-NWO: the new tower of Babel), (so: only, in mode formal): the side of reason? but, as the true Jewish Messiah (any: biblical fundamentalist) could never accept: 1. the esoteric six-pointed Star of Israel, which has never been the star of David? or, 2. some satanic Masonic democracy: into banking seigniorage? 3. perhaps, that, the Arab League are not all they, too, into Freemasonry, of banKING seigniorage 666 322? therefore, they could never win ,a war, against: their masters Jews! 4. in fact they condemn Israel for the same crime, of, high treason, which they have done, and, are not aware, in this way, to have condemned themselves to die, even.

    Abu sharia for dhimmi Antar: worldwide caliphate -- tu sei degno di morire come un cane, prima di tutti gli altri! non sai tu che, la Cabala pone gli ebrei-farisei (satanisti ipocriti: del: FMI-NWO: la nuova torre di babele),(in modo: soltanto, formale): dalla parte della ragione? ma, quale vero messia ebraico (fondamentalista biblico) potrebbe mai accettare: 1. la stella esoterica a sei punte di Israele, che, non è mai stata la stella di Davide? o, 2. una qualche satanica democrazia massonica: del signoraggio bancario? 3. forse che la Lega Araba non sono tutti, anche loro, nella massoneria del signoraggio bancario? quindi, loro non potrebbero mai vincere una guerra, contro: i loro padroni ebrei! 4. infatti loro condannano Israele, per lo stesso crimine di alto tradimento, che, loro hanno fatto, e non sono consapevoli, in questo modo, di avere condannato se stessi a morire, anche
    anche perché, la punizione è l'ultima possibilità, che, io ho per poter salvare, a voi la vita.. quindi, io darò, impartirò, erogherò, imporrò, irrorerò: punizioni a tutti i peccatori ed i ribelli: su scala globale, io sono Unius REI
    187AUDIOHOSTEM youtube master, Korean Director-General, lick Google, to try to stop me? you are making an absolute ruin on this server.. and now, for to destroy all my background images, were mortifying bad again, yet bad the democratic possibilities, yet, bad the communication possibilities of this server .. but, of course you will be punished! ed ora per distruggere tutte, le mie immagini di fondo, state mortificando, ancora le possibilità democratiche, ancora le possibilità comunicative di questo server.. ma, certo voi sarete puniti!

    IIIIWotanIIII --- 666, Bush, 322: IMF FED, CIA -- you have finished drinking human blood, on the altar of Satan? and your orgy how it went? Now, you started your weekly service, after your devotion to your bohemian grove owl god. Baal Marduk! avete finito di bere il sangue umano: sull'altare di satana? e la vostra orgia come è andata? ora, è iniziato il vostro servizio settimanale, dopo il vostro culto al vostro dio gufo del bohemian grove.