ucciso sacerdote copto ortodosso

06/07/2013 19:33
Sinai, ucciso sacerdote copto ortodosso
Lo confermano fonti di AsiaNews. P. Mina Abboud Haroan è stato ucciso da un gruppo di uomini armati, probabilmente islamisti.

Il Cairo (AsiaNews) - Al el- Arish, nel Sinai,  un gruppo di militanti islamisti ha ucciso un giovane sacerdote copto ortodosso, Mina Abboud Haroan, 39 anni. La notizia è confermata da fonti di AsiaNews. L'omicidio è avvenuto nel primo pomeriggio di oggi. Un gruppo di uomini, probabilmente estremisti islamici, è sceso da un auto e ha bloccato il sacerdote mentre camminava per il quartiere. Una volta scesi hanno sparato a bruciapelo, per poi fuggire. L'uomo è stato portato subito in ospedale da alcune persone dov'è deceduto dopo poche ore.
Intanto, cresce la tensione in tutto il Paese dopo le manifestazioni pro-Morsi di ieri. Fonti di AsiaNews raccontano che i Fratelli Musulmani stanno consumando la loro vendetta. Al Cairo si combatte sui tetti. I Fratelli Musulmani danno la caccia ai giovani organizzatori della protesta del 30 giugno. Secondo alcuni testimoni i militanti "vanno casa per casa, li mirano con i fucili e con i mitragliatori. Attaccano con ogni tipo di armi". 

07/06/2013 23:15
Orthodox Coptic priest killed in Sinai
AsiaNews sources confirm the shooting. Fr Mina Abboud Haroan was killed by a group of armed men, probably Islamists.

Cairo (AsiaNews) - A group of Islamist militants killed Mina Haroan Abboud, a 39-year-old Orthodox Coptic priest, in el-Arish, Sinai Peninsula. AsiaNews sources have confirmed the story.
The murder took place today, in the early afternoon. A group of men, probably Islamic extremists, stepped out of a car and stopped the priest as he walked in the street. After shooting the clergyman at point blank, they fled.
Fr Abboud was immediately taken to hospital but died a few hours later.
Meanwhile, tensions are rising across the country after yesterday's pro-Morsi demonstrations. Sources told AsiaNews that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking its revenge.
In Cairo, people are fighting on rooftops, and Brotherhood members are hunting down young organisers of the 30 June mass rally."They are going house to house, pointing rifles and machineguns. They are attacking with all sorts of weapons," witnesses said.

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07/07/2013 VATICAN
For Pope, institutions and resources not important for being a missionary, loving the cross and letting oneself be led by the Spirit is
For the Day of the seminarians, novices and those who are on a vocational journey, Francis offers three "points of reference" for the mission: the "joy of consolation", which is the testimony of God's mercy; following the Cross that shelters "from both a worldly and triumphalist vision of the mission, and from the discouragement that can arise from trials and failures;" and prayer because "Without a constant relationship with God, the mission becomes a job. The risk of activism, of relying too much on structures, is an ever-present danger."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "The spread of the Gospel is not guaranteed either by the number of persons, or by the prestige of the institution, or by the quantity of available resources. What counts is to be permeated by the love of Christ, to let oneself to be...

07/06/2013 EGYPT
Orthodox Coptic priest killed in Sinai
AsiaNews sources confirm the shooting. Fr Mina Abboud Haroan was killed by a group of armed men, probably Islamists.
07/06/2013 EGYPT
As Islamists opt for hard line, police open fire, more than 30 dead
The wave of clashes began last night with protests in support of Mohamed Morsi. With 12 deaths, Alexandria has been the worst affected. Violence has also been reported in Suez, Qina, Assiut and Ismailia. At least 1,138 have been wounded and injured so far. Muslim Brotherhood leaders say they will continue to be in the streets until the president is reinstated.
07/06/2013 CHINA - VATICAN
After one year of house arrest, Chinese Catholics pray for Mgr Ma Daqin, bishop of Shanghai
by Jian Mei
His forced absence and silence are bringing Catholics together, boosting the high regard with which the Catholic Church, and even non-Christians hold him.
07/06/2013 VATICAN
Pope: we should not be afraid to renew the Church's "ancient, passing structures"
During the Mass he celebrated at Domus Sanctae Marthae, Francis stressed the "renewal" Jesus brought. The "Church has always been attentive to this, with dialogue with cultures . . . It always allows itself to be renewed according to places, times, and people" it encounters. "The Church has always done this; from the very first moment".

Young Indonesians going to WYD for Pope Francis and world Catholics
by Mathias Hariyadi
About a hundred boys and girls, led by the head of the Episcopal Commission for Youth, will travel to Rio for the event. A website is being set up to relay news about the days of celebration and gathering. A group of 12 people will also join the official delegation.
07/06/2013 CAMBODIA
Older than Angkor, the first Khmer capital, the lost city of Mahendraparvata, is found
Thanks to innovative laser technology, a group of archaeologists found traces of an entire urban area, predating Angkor by 350 years. Although its actual size is still unknown, the finding provides new information on the decline of the Khmer kingdom, with environmental degradation and deforestation as the leading contenders.
07/06/2013 INDIA
India rewards Fr Singh for his work with Orissa Pogrom victims
by Santosh Digal
The National Commission for Minorities gives the priest its Minority Award. To the Archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar, the award "has made us all proud of the his hard work, and absolute commitment to the cause of our suffering and persecuted people."
07/06/2013 IRAQ
Chaldean Patriarchate to restore ancient manuscripts, rebuild Christian future
Mar Sako's initiative is set to restore and return to the public ancient copies of the Sacred Scripture, liturgy, literature and poetry. Such "priceless" heritage laid in a state of neglect. Now, a team of experts led by a Dominican priest is in charge of the work. In an age of divisions, the past can serve as a guide for a better future.
07/05/2013 VATICAN
Pope: faith, "the" answer to a world in crisis
by Franco Pisano
Encyclical "Lumen fidei", begun by Pope Benedict XVI for the Year of Faith published. Faith is not an "illusion of light", but awareness of the love of God in history. "Since God is reliable, it is reasonable to have faith in Him, to base our certainties on His Word." Faith is linked to truth and love, a “way" for those who do not believe, is "to serve the common good."
07/05/2013 VATICAN
Pope approves decrees canonising John Paul II and John XXIII
Francis also approved miracles attributed to the second prelate of Opus Dei, Álvaro del Portillo, and to Mother Esperanza, recognises the "heroic virtues" of Joseph Lazzati, famed rector of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
07/05/2013 PAKISTAN
One person killed in Islamic fundamentalist attack against a Peshawar Protestant church
by Jibran Khan
The victim is a police officer guarding the Assembly of God Church. A recent discriminatory statement by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister sparks outrage among minorities, fuelling tensions. He is a member of the Pakistan Movement for justice, a party that praises equality and respect for all. Catholic priest calls the matter, "Such a shame".
07/05/2013 VATICAN
Pope: St. Michael "defend us from the evil one and banish him" from the Vatican
Francis consecrates Vatican City State to the Archangel and St. Joseph. The initiative was approved by Benedict XVI, who attended the ceremony. During Mass at Casa Santa Marta Francis says that the heart of God's message is mercy. Jesus goes and "celebrates" with the poor, the sick and sinners.
07/05/2013 IRAN
For Hassan Rouhani, a strong government does not limit individual freedoms
As Iranians continue to wait for the release of moderate leaders Mousavi and Karroubi, Iran's newly elected president criticises the previous government's restrictions. For the people, Rouhani is primarily a bridge between moderates and the country's supreme leader.
07/05/2013 VATICAN
'Lumen fidei', balm for a humanity in crisis
by Bernardo Cervellera
The first encyclical of Pope Francis - with the help of Benedict XVI - highlights that prior to a crisis of faith there is a crisis of man and truth. Relativism erodes the consistency of the person, of coexistence, justice, love, scientific research. The faith of Abraham, fulfilled in the gift of Jesus Christ enlightens all human research and every journey and can make an essential contribution to the "city of men."